Fiat Repair Specialists


The FIAT® brand was reintroduced to North America in March of 2011, with the redesigned FIAT 500 and the sport edition Abarth. Because the Fiat is fun to drive, it is easy to put on a lot of miles in the first few years of ownership. When it comes to Fiats however, not all automotive repair shops have experience with this brand and finding the right one is important

Like any vehilce, ongoing maintenance and oil changes will help add years of enjoyment. At E.U Autoworks, we only work on European vehicles and are supremely qualified to take good care of your Fiat. Quality service can be the difference between a reliable and unreliable car and we strongly recommend oil changes approximately every 3-7500 miles.

We are experts at Inspection verification and adherence to specified service making sure it is up to par and all service is being followed. Some of the running issues we’ve seen specifically with Fiat include electrical, over heating, work on timing belts and performance modification. Whatever may go wroong with your Fiat, you may rest assured we’ve come across it and repaired it successfully.

I personally own an Abarth and fellow Fiat enthusiast. I enjoy talkign with other Fiat owners as well as working on these beautiful cars. Please feel free to give me a call when its time for service.

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