Jaguar Repair Specialists


There is no better resource than us when it comes to Jaguar auto
repair and service.

Do you have an XJS? Tired of going from shop to shop without result?

We are the ONLY shop in MN that can efficiently get your car back on the road or fix that niggling issue nobody else can. There is nothing we do not know about the XJS.

We don’t only service XJS Jags—we also service early XK engined cars as well…

E.U. Autoworks is the foremost specialist in Jaguar motor cars in the mid-west. Vintage to modern. When it comes time for a service or repair, work with the best in the field.

We offer specialized modifications for the XK and V12 engines as well as a host of other improvements from stock.

Standard maintenance, internal engine repair, upholstery, etc… Please call with your needs. We will be more than happy to speak on a case by case basis.



A concourse restored SII XJ12L. Done right here at E.U. Autoworks.