Vintage / Current Mercedes Specialist


CIS fuel injection or your Diesel giving you nightmares? Nobody you can find will work on your car?


We love CIS and Diesel Mercedes!


There is no better resource than us when it comes to Mercedes auto repair(.) We have effected every conceivable repair on CIS equipped and Diesel Mercedes over the course of our extensive experience with these vehicles. We even re-manufacture Mercedes 3–4 speed transmissions as well as engines, including vintage diesels, in-house.


If you have a vintage, or even a current model Mercedes, you know how hard it is to find somebody who knows what they are doing. When repairing cars of any make experience is key, especially with Mercedes in their ever changing, ahead of the curve technology. These are very complex machines, with the previous generations running on mechanical and analogue systems long forgotten by the trade. And the current generation making leaps and bounds ahead of all the other manufacturers in technology and complexity as Mercedes has done for decades.


Quality in engineering / Quality in repair

Why not have a Mechanic that takes as much care in their repair as Mercedes did when they built the car… And a Mechanic that has the experience to draw on when it’s needed.
If you are interested in a repair, service, or pre-purchase inspection of one of these fine autos give us a call.